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Empire Contractors Inc.


We use the latest products, technologies, building techniques, and design trends when we build your custom home. At Empire Contractors Inc., we pledge to listen attentively, answer questions quickly, and treat every build as if it were our own personal home. Now, your home can be as unique as you are.

Custom Exteriors

Our homes are unique and reflect the personalities of each of our unique customers

About Us

Empire Contractors Inc., a custom home builder serving clients for nearly 20 years.

Featured Listings

Available now, these homes can be customized to fit your needs

Elegant Interiors

Custom features and attention to detail make the interiors of our homes true showpieces

Homesite Challenges. 

Sometimes, all that stands between you and your dream home is finding that perfect location.  Empire Contractors has extensive experience in evaluating homesites.  We usually have several parcels in our sights throughout Chatham and Wake counties.  We can specifically:


  • Evaluate suitability for septic system
  • Overcome challenges if conventional system is not a possibility
  • Advise on house placement on challenging terrain
  • Overcome topography issues while maximizing views

Turning dreams into reality.

That custom home you always wanted? Empire Contractors can make it a reality. 


  • Architectural design services
  • Land analysis and site selection
  • Interior design and material selections
  • Electrical layout and whole home automation services
  • Project budgeting and management

We want what's best for you. 

Whether building the retirement home of your dreams, or ensuring you have a welcoming and open home for the whole family - we take your vision and make it a reality.

We want what's right for you.

Your wants and needs are unique. Our team gets to know you and what you're looking for in your custom home.  Need advice or guidance? After nearly 20 years in the business we've seen it all and can help guide you in those tough decisions. 


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